The shift to remote work and the rise of automation means that 2021 should be more about boosting remote work creativity, and less about boosting productivity.

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In a year unlike any other, the one acronym which best defines 2020 has got to be WFH. Work From Home — and remote or hybrid work more generally — is here to stay, and we are just beginning to feel its implications. One of those implications that we need to consider in 2021 is how knowledge workers can be more creative when working remotely.

More specifically, we need to change the conversation…

Research shows embracing seeming contradictions can make you even more creative — which could help you become more successful.

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While it sounds a little silly, Einstein used to sit around and think about how an object could be at rest and yet also moving — at the same time. Deciding that the apparent contradiction was possible depending on the position of the person observing the object helped lead Einstein to his theory of relativity.

Einstein was hardly alone in that approach; a 1996 study showed that a number of Nobel Prize winners and groundbreaking scientists all put chunks of time into “actively conceiving multiple opposites or antitheses simultaneously.”

Proving that, oddly enough, while we all crave certainty, embracing…

Last night we were having a class discussion in our ENTI 401 – Opportunity Identification course via Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary and a student asked the question of whether during the latest COVID-19 preventative measures, if we’re planning to buy from large companies such as Amazon, Costco, and Walmart or be more mindful of support local businesses. While in a pandemic, some items may be more convenient through large retailers especially with Amazon Prime 24–48 hour delivery, we need to do our best to spend our money locally with small businesses whenever possible as these entrepreneurs are…

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While teaching ENTI 401 — Opportunity Identification in Fall 2019 (at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary), I had some students ask for feedback of what they could improve and do better for their final feasibility analysis project (Click here to view some ENTI 401 Feasibility Analysis Projects). What started off as an email reply, quickly turned into an essay that builds upon my expertise and incorporates material from an unpublished piece by Alice de Koning, Academic Director of the Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking and Senior Instructor at Haskayne School of Business who previously taught ENTI 401…

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In Fall 2018, the City of Calgary was exploring the prospects of hosting the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games ( I presented the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic bid as a case study and challenge to students in my ENTI 401 (Entrepreneurship and Innovation 401) — Opportunity Identification course as Calgarians considered various aspects including community, cost, economy, environment, facilities, and venues.

Akbar Ali, Kyle Huang, Karthi Karunakaran, Pouyan Shojaei, Corey Yang-Smith, and Baiqian Zhong chose to address the contentious issue of affordable housing during the Olympics with the idea of using shipping containers as homes for their second feasibility…

In this article, Sabine Müller, Research & Insights Lead at LEGO Ventures’ Incubation Studio, explains the benefits and best practices in conducting detailed desk research for new ventures.

In the LEGO Ventures Incubation Studio, we’re building new, early-stage ventures from scratch. But before we start building, we explore the problem area with thorough market research to substantiate the new business opportunity. It’s the quickest and cheapest way to understand the space that we want to tackle. It’s a wide exploration of a high interest area that can hold many opportunities or solutions.

Desk research is a structured method to review…


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